Hair - Sydney - Lashd App - QUE Colour
Hair - Sydney - Lashd App - QUE Colour
Hair - Sydney - Lashd App - QUE Colour
Hair - Sydney - Lashd App - QUE Colour
Hair - Sydney - Lashd App - QUE Colour
Hair - Sydney - Lashd App - QUE Colour
Hair - Sydney - Lashd App - QUE Colour

Hair - Sydney - Lashd App - QUE Colour

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 Foil and Coloring 


How can I book this offer?

You have two options on how to book this Service Provider:

1. You can use the booking form on this page to make a booking. Your booking request is sent to the therapist, who will accept the booking or provide an alternative time. Once the time has been agreed by both parties, we then secure your booking on the Lashd App to keep all the Service Providers' bookings in one central location. You will need to download the Lashd App and create a profile to receive notifications and messages from the Service Provider and to release your payment to the Service Provider once your booking has been completed. 

2. You can book directly on the Lashd App by following the steps below. 

Can I book this Stylist directly on the Lashd app?

1. All you need to do is download the Lashd app from here if you don't already have it installed on your phone: 

2. After downloading the app on your phone, proceed to fill in the customer registration details. Once completed, return to this page and click on the image below to access RnR QUE Colour's profile directly on the app.

Does the Stylist come to me?

Sometimes, the Stylist can come to you, but you will need to check if they provide mobile services. To only include mobile Service Providers in your search, on the Home page of the app, click the purple icon. You will then see a drop-down menu where you can choose the mobile option, as in the image below: 

Does the Stylist have a salon I can visit?

There is an option to choose search results listing only Home/Salon-Based Service Providers, see the image below where you will find the filter function on the Home page of the app: 

Does the price include travel for mobile bookings?

No, the Stylist will discuss if travel or parking costs are needed.

Can I pick the stylist?

Yes, of course. You can pick the stylist that best suits you.

Does the Makeup services include lashes?

If you book a service that states lashes included, then yes. 

Can I speak to the Service Provider before the booking time?

Yes, of course. Upon confirmation of the booking between yourself and the Service Provider, the direct messaging feature opens up and you can discuss any details you like.

I'm not tech savvy, can you manage the whole booking process for me?

Yes, of course. If you wish for us to handle your whole booking process, we can do that for you. Email and one of our friendly team will assist you.

Is the payment refundable?

Yes. Please refer to our T&C's for the conditions around refunds.